Here at Life Begins Raw we have personally tested all the top rebounders Bellicon, Cellerciser,  Needak, Rebound Air and Urban for noise, comfort, frame construction, mat quality, spring design and bounce.  Nothing comes close to the Bellicon rebounder and the Cellerciser.


If you're looking for the ultimate rebounding experience I highly recommend the Bellicon bungee rebounder.  The closest thing to jumping on a cloud.  Called the "Porsche of Rebounders".  Designed and Manufactured in Germany.


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PURCHASE at QiBounding (Bellicon) directly.  "Purchase with confidence". 


When choosing your Bellicon rebounder you have the option of bungee strength for optimum performance depending on your weight.


Are you looking to lose weight?  Don't have the time nor the money to join a gym?  Have reoccurring knee and back injuries stopped you from exercising?  Has your Doctor and your body told you that you need some type of physical activity?


Rebounding has allowed many to continue training or incorporate exercise back into their daily lives with surprising results.


Rebounding has health benefits for those concerned with problems like back pain, knee injuries, sensitive joints. Using non jarring high quality rebounders you're able to obtain fantastic results without all that bulky equipment and in just a faction of the time recommended by experts.

Just ten minutes a day is all that is required to jump start your well being and physical appearance.

"Rebound Exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise yet devised by man", 68% more efficient than jogging (N.A.S.A., Journal of Applied Physiology 49(5): 881-887




  • Strengthens every cell, muscle, organ, tissue, bone and tendon in the body.
  • Gives all the benefits of aerobic exercises without jarring the skeletal system.
  • Allows for some of the most intense workouts in the shortest amount of time. 
  • Saves you time (ten minutes of rebounding is as effective as 25 or 30 minutes of jogging, without the jarring effect).
  • Allows people to exercise who otherwise could not: Those with back problems, sensitive joints and knees.

  • Provides pure pleasure in freedom of moving, turning, twisting, kicking and stretching that can be performed anywhere.
  • Protection against heart disease, cancer and degenerative diseases.
  • Enhance digestion, relaxation, sleep patterns, nerve impulses and muscle fiber.
  • Has been found to lower elevated cholesterol and triglyceride levels.


Reference: Jumping for Health by Dr. Morton Walker, Published by Avery Publishing Group, Inc. 1989


No more excuses.  Only 10 minutes a day!  Do you have the time?

Recieve a free bottle of Adya Clarity minerals ($25) with every rebounder purchase.  Helps rehydrate your body faster after every workout
The Cellerciser retails for $393 but I work with "Jerry" at Cellerciser, Center for Cellular Health directly to get you the lowest possible prices.  
Half Fold Cellerciser "free s/h"

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For the most ultimate intense physical workout at about half the cost of a Bellicon Rebounder I highly recommend the Cellerciser by David HallBelieve me, you do get a workout!!!  NEW TRIPLE-TIERED TAPERED SPRING ADJUSTS TO THE WEIGHT OF THE USER AUTOMATICALLY.  ALL STEEL CONSTRUCTION DOESN'T CRACK. The Mat on the Cellerciser is manufactured in the United States of a high quality space age material.  Will not stretch, rot, or mildew like the material used for inferior rebounders.

Cellerciser innovator David Hall, the man who reignited the rebounding industry, has just released a rebounding workout DVD that will motivate, invigorate, and inspire you to look and feel better.


This is NOT a typical rebounding workout video.


It's Hall's first DVD release in nine years.


You're receiving over TWO hours of tips, techniques, pointers, and instruction on this DVD covering a myriad of important topics. You'll know exactly what exercises to do on the Cellerciser to get rid of cellulite within two to three weeks, as an example.



David Hall not only shows you what to do but he explains the benefits of his Cellercise program that will enable you to tone your body; improve balance, timing, dexterity, hand & eye coordination; strengthen muscles, etc. in just 10 minutes a day.


As one lady described it, "As I was hitting mid-life, I felt like everything was headed south. Now that I've been using your (Cellercise) program, I feel like everything is headed north again!"


Are You Ready to Head North with Your Health?


As you'll hear Millionaire Mindset author T. Harv Eker explain on this DVD, "David Hall has the answer!" Cellercise The Ultimate Exercise DVD will have your health heading in the right direction when you follow David's 10-minute-a-day program.

Cellercise The Ultimate Exercise DVD is divided into Five Sections:

  1. What is Cellercise? -- Hear over 65 minutes of David Hall's 2008 presentation at T Harv Eker's "Extreme Health" Seminar where David wowed an audience of over 1,000 people. This section alone is easily worth the price of the DVD.
  2. Cellerciser Set-Up / Maintenance -- Instruction on care and maintenance of your Cellerciser. David explains the benefits of using a balance bar. Length: 8 minutes 27 seconds
  3. 10-Minute Cellercise Program Workout on the Cellerciser -- David demonstrates 14 different exercises that you can do on the Cellerciser during your daily 10 minute Cellercise workout. Length: 7 minutes 7 seconds
  4. Personal Trainer -- Numerous body specific areas are addressed including the back, bladder control, buttocks, circulation, digestion/elimination, face lift, feet/ankles, flexability, hips, knees, lungs, lymphatic circulation, shoulders, sleep & stress reduction, stomach, vision, and waist. This section is a MUST-SEE for anyone looking to improve their health. Length 32 minutes 28 seconds
  5. Testimonials -- Length 10 minutes 15 seconds.


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Now let me tell you how awesome the Cellerciser is, my family and I have been fighting over it every since we unpacked the thing.  The kids love it, my son is 6 and has so much energy, he now bounces on the Cellerciser instead of my couch!!  I had to set the timer for my daughter and all of the neighbor kids to take turns. I love seeing them get such a great total body workout the whole while they are laughing and having fun. As for me, I have never had such a rewarding workout, and in only 15 minutes a day, I feel my whole body firming!!!!! - Nicole